Our Story


Have your ever missed an Instagram alert and realized that your “must-have” vintage cardigan has been sold? And it did not happen once but tons of times. (There is a bit of exaggeration here we know 😉)

Such is the roller coaster of regret and triumph when losing the chance or being able to buy a vintage treasure on your favorite vintage shops. 

Yes, that is the story of our founder, Quy Nguyen, more than two years ago. 

“Why don’t I (re)produce/ vintage (inspired) treasures so they can be more approachable to all vintage lovers out there?”- She thought. And that is how Miss V Vintage is born.

Vintage (inspired) clothing reproduction always takes time to produce, but it has warm, attention, and craft in it, which you can hardly find in mass production.

We are focusing on the items which belong to eras of the 30s-60sm, monochrome or with flowery ornaments, and great attention to detail. We started with knitwear and now we are excited to introduce woven clothing as well. We use only hand-picked fabrics of the highest quality from Italy.


We believe that the clothes tell a story, and we aim to help our customers express themselves with our clothing – their personality, character, mood, inspiration.

Some of our items are a better fit for the evening, some spark in the daylight, some are for small intimate gatherings, and some are for all-out parties and events.

None of them is for everybody, and each of them is for somebody. Our knits mirror and amplify the personalities of their owners. 


While production of clothing, like anything in this world, gets automated, we prefer to slow down. We offer both handmade and machine knit items, either way – each item is crafted carefully. Our handknit items is crafted thread by thread for weeks or even months. Our clothing always offers something special to our customers, as unique as they are, not just a copy of something everyone has in their drawer.